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Can a Strict Mistress Be Sensual?

The nature of a FemDom Mistress is to be in control. While each Mistress has her own personal style and desires, there are a couple of categories that we usually put them in, at least that’s what I thought when I was seeking out a Mistress. I knew what I wanted but wasn’t sure how to describe it even to myself. I bet there are many of you out there who hear the words “strict” and “sensual” and aren’t sure what that really means. You don’t know if you want a Mistress who controls you in a strict way or one who is more sensual.

That’s why I want to start by telling you the difference as I perceive it to me. Though let me note that there are as many variations on this as there are Mistresses in the world, so don’t be surprised if your own Mistress defines herself as sensual and you look at her actions and know that she most certainly is strict. We all have varying levels of what we consider strict and for some the line between sensual and strict is not all that clear. So, let me tell you the basic difference and then we can talk about whether a strict Mistress can be sensual, though maybe you’ll work that out for yourself just in thinking about what you really desire. Personally, I like to believe in the combination of the two and enjoy the best of both worlds.

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Strictly Strict

Some Mistresses are just that, strict. They don’t have the patience, nor do they want to have it, to listen to you complain or whine or argue with them about what you should or should not be doing. Maybe they are just not interested or they have their own ideas and yours are most likely only going to irritate them. Personally, I know when I have a Mistress who is strict, I have learned to keep my mouth shut and do as she requests. It never ends well for me to argue or try to convince her to bend her rules and demands to my wishes. Not that I’ve never tried, I have, but for the most part now, I know better. Strict Mistresses are more harsh. They aren’t likely to take the time to try to talk with you about what they want from you. When you are a slave to a strict Mistress, you have boundaries and a safe word, but beyond that you belong to her and what she says goes. This doesn’t mean she is cruel to you, just that if you need to be kept in line with a paddle or her boot on your ass, it will happen before she tries to sit down and talk with you about it or tease you and seduce you into following her rules.

Sexy and Sensual

So, this makes it pretty clear I’m sure that a sensual Mistress is the opposite, if not the polar opposite than at least different enough in her approach that you would notice the changes. She is just as sexy and desirable as that strict Mistress who will certainly punish you for disobeying, but she goes about things a little differently. A sensual Mistress, isn’t likely to use a paddle if you need to be punished, instead she will simply remove you from her presence. Any possibility you had of being able to serve her and make her happy would be gone. She will instead point out in that gentle sexy voice that you aren’t worthy of her and she isn’t going to bother any longer. This will have you begging her to reconsider and works in exactly the same way as a punishing paddle, it just involves a peek of nipple or maybe a fingertip run up the inside of your leg. Either way, you will be begging to do as she likes and she will never have raised her voice, spoken harshly or pulled out a whip.

Sensually Strict

So, can a strict Mistress be sensual? Of course! Mistresses are ever changing and developing new ways to convince you that anything she wants you to do was really your idea all along. A strict Mistress may alternate between light and hard smacks with the paddle or simply talk softly and gently to you while insisting you get down on your knees and beg her forgiveness. Strict may mean, she allows you close to her, seducing you in and then pushes you away. Or maybe just that when you try to refuse, she walks away from you, while you try to convince her to stay. If a paddle is what works, she’ll use it. If teasing is what works, she may do that. The danger of a strict Mistress who can be sensual is you never just what she may do at any given time. Though honestly, doesn’t that make you even more excited

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