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Do Femdoms Ever Switch?

As with most aspects of domination, the relationship between a Female Dominant and her sub is something that is developed over time. Partnerships in the BDSM community are often rather malleable as the essence of a D/s relationship is that of a power exchange. FemDoms are no different in that respect and will at times entertain the idea of switching. It’s not something everyone does, as you know we are all individuals and sometimes make decisions on a whim (it is a female prerogative after all, to change our minds) but in the community of people who enjoy a D/s lifestyle, switching is possible for FemDoms, even phone Mistress FemDoms.

What Does it Mean to Switch?

Before we discuss that too far, lets talk about what switching really is, or at least a couple of different interpretations of it. Essentially switching is when the dominant partner changes or switches places in the relationship with the submissive partner. This may or may not mean the dominant agrees to be submissive as the level at which they switch isn’t the same for everyone.

Ask one FemDom and she will tell you that switching means giving over her power to her submissive partner and allowing them to dominate her. She will agree to be a submissive partner entirely, throughout the scene. Not requiring a moment of dominance, but instead letting herself be led by her now dominant partner. Other FemDoms will only switch within the guidelines of a role play. Maybe she will agree to let you get the upper hand for a bit, a true exchange of power that then switches back when she regains control. Either way, it is a switch and many dominant females are willing to play along.

Why Would She Agree to This?

As a submissive you know that you Mistress is naturally superior in all ways, simply by being her, so you may be wondering why she would ever agree to switch places with you. That is a very simple answer. She would never agree to that. There is no way she could ever truly be in your place, just as you could never step into her sexy thigh high leather boots. *wink* You see, a dominant woman, is secure in herself and her control. Whether she is standing above you with a whip and a strap on teaching you about how to please your Mistress, or if she is on her knees sucking your cock, she is still in control of the situation and she knows it.

Some women don’t realize that they have the ultimate control over men no matter what the situation, but a FemDom knows she does! So for her, switching with you is just something fun she has agreed to do! She isn’t forced in any way, it is just a sexy power exchange, a role she is playing as a submissive woman to make your fantasy session more exciting. She doesn’t need to be validated by using her paddle on your ass, she is confident in herself and her place and being sexually adventurous she’s happy to try something new as a submissive.

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I Want To Ask Her To Switch, but How?

Now comes the part where you have to step up and grab your balls and ask her if she would consider switching. Remember this is a relationship and like any relationship there is a good time and bad time to ask every question. You wouldn’t ask her to switch as she was fucking you with her new dildo, but before your fantasy play starts or after it ends. This is the time to chat with your phone sex FemDom about what you want to do and try and the time to bring up a possible scenario where you switch places.

This should be done with the proper amount of respect, depending on your relationship with her, but also should not be approached in a whiney or wimpy manner. Just ask. Your Mistress is perfectly capable of saying no (which you have witnessed first hand) and will if she’s not interested, so don’t worry about asking for what you want. Tell her what you’d like to try, ask her if she’s interested at all, let her know what about it appeals to you and just how you see the fantasy playing out. This lets her know you are serious and she is more likely to discuss it with you and maybe, if you are very lucky, even agree. It’s worth it to you try, and if you don’t think so, go back and read what I said about her sucking your dick and imagine anything you wish you could see her do and think about her doing it in a switch situation. Now go ask for what you want. Good Luck! *giggle*

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