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Fantasy Domme vs. Real Life Domme

Domination comes in many forms and can be something you engage in as part of your extensive fantasy life or something that you choose to use your real day to day life to explore. Either way your needs and wants are valid and important both to you and to us. Our clients are split almost evenly between those who are part of the BDSM community and live their lives as true slaves with Mistresses who allow them to call and speak with us only with permission and those who are controlled only as part of a fantasy. Whether you choose to have a real life Domme or you are living a completely vanilla life that is only interrupted with periods of domination in fantasy form, where you imagine the strict control or even participate in it yourself we are happy to speak with you and guide you down the path you are most in need of taking.

So, when you are looking for someone to dominate you, the same questions come up. Are you seeking someone who is a fantasy dominatrix? She is an excellent storyteller but does not keep slaves in her real life. Or are you looking for a Mistress who is a dominatrix in her real daily life, with many slaves and those she meets with regularly for control? We have both here at LDW and are happy to assist you in choosing the woman that is perfect for you to talk with, though we are curious, is there a difference in a phone sex Mistress who is a fantasy Domme and one who is a real life Domme? Let’s compare.


So, you’ve decided to call in and speak with a Mistress, what is it you are looking for exactly? In many ways a fantasy Domme is perfect for a session on the phone or by texting whether you are a life style sub or not. Women who are available in fantasy sessions only are not coming to the session expecting you to behave like other subs or slaves they own. They are there to make a fantasy come true, whether that is sensual or strict control they have the express goal of making the fantasy happen. It doesn’t matter to her if you have a Mistress in real life, if you are trained well or completely untrained, she is there as part of a fantasy and will not judge you on your lack of experience.

Contrary to the opinion of some, she is also not someone you can slip something by with. Even if you consider yourself a life-style sub while she is a fantasy only Mistress, remember this is still a controlling woman. She is not someone who lets anyone walk all over her, she is intelligent and knows just how to get what she wants. While she may not be part of the BDSM community in her real day to day life, she is still someone who is in control of her world and those in it, or she wouldn’t be a Mistress for us or anyone else. This is something you should keep in mind when choosing to speak to a Fantasy FemDom, you will not be getting off easy, on the contrary she might be even more cruel as she has no slaves and therefore doesn’t recognize your limitations in following her directions.

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Life Style Mistress

Many Mistresses who have slaves and subs or have worked in dungeons in larger cities or even have one of their own, also choose to extend their services to those who are calling on the phone for control. This is something they choose to do to expand their reach of control. We all know that a true Mistress is in love with being in control and will make sure you are doing exactly what she asks. On the phone however her ability to control slaves in her daily life isn’t something that really comes into play as anything more than a great confidence in her role of FemDom.

She is very likely to expect you to understand she is not willing to bend her rules for you, no matter what you prefer. You are coming to her for your fantasy session and she is the Mistress thus you will appreciate her time and not expect her to in turn appreciate yours. If you are a sub in real life, that may or may not carry any weight with her, depending entirely on the Mistress. Though she is more likely to be strict than sensual, she is very capable of a sensual sexy session. Thus, either type of Mistress you choose will be controlling and able to more than accommodate whatever fetish you may have. So, instead of asking which is best for you, look at yourself and decide whom you can better serve.

American Femdom Phone Sex Mistresses Currently Available