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Femdom Calls are a Better Choice

Femdom calls are better than meeting a femdom in reality for several reasons. Some people will argue this, but I believe it to be true. While having a Mistress standing there in front of you may have its advantages, there are also many positive things to making a femdom call.

Fantasy is the most important element of most BDSM interactions. Most of my experiences as a Mistress, both in person and on femdom calls have been with fantasies or role playing games. Even if what is being talked about or acted out happened on some level in real life, it is still considered a fantasy between a Mistress and her sub. Femdom calls allow the caller to fantasize the scene completely. This includes what the Mistress looks like, what she is wearing, and the atmosphere in the fantasy to the other players in the scene. While all of this can be created in a real life role play situation, it is much easier to just see it in the mind on a femdom call.

Femdom Calls are Available 24/7

Convenience is another way that femdom calls are better than real life D/s relationships. All one has to do is pick up a phone and there’s a Mistress ready to be served and adored. I have talked to many men who say that finding an actual Mistress is difficult unless they’re in a very large city. Mistresses in the suburbs or in rural areas are few and far between. Also, making a femdom can be much more spontaneous that calling a Mistress across town and making an appointment. Even if you could make an appointment within the hour, you still have to get up, dress and drive over to her house or place of business. It is also very rare that you can make an appointment within the hour because you know that Mistresses are never at your beck and call. Phone femdoms make concessions because of the nature of their relationships. With femdom calls you can tap a number into your cell phone and have a Mistress on the line in mere minutes whenever the mood strikes you. You can be in your suit going to work or lying in your bed naked at three in the morning. It doesn’t matter because there is always a Mistress available to be worshiped. Another factor here is time. When meeting a Mistress face to face it is difficult to either shorten or lengthen the session. When you make a femdom call, it can be as short as ten minutes and as long as you want!

Anonymity is an obvious advantage to making femdom calls as opposed to seeing a Mistress face to face. No matter what, if you need to remain anonymous, over the phone ensures that the Mistress doesn’t even see you nor does she have your name. She’ll never run into you at the grocery store and laugh at you and call you “Little Dick” in the produce section with your wife looking on or recognize you on the subway and introduce herself to your coworker. I’m exaggerating here. No real Mistress worth her salt would ever do such a thing, but even seeing your Mistress in a public place where she could do it is enough to give some men pause. I personally would not want to meet a sub in the bookstore or anywhere else without some prior notice.

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Safety and Femdom Calls

Safety is a bigger concern when meeting a Mistress face to face. Safety is always a concern on some level no matter how the instructions are communicated. I have heard stories of men getting very carried away by their Mistress’s commands on a femdom call, but this is much less likely over the phone. Face to face interactions between a Mistress and her sub have to always include some measures of safety. Safety words and other such safeguards are routinely recommended for all D/s encounters that are face to face. But so as long as things don’t get out of hand it is unlikely that you, the sub, will get gravely hurt on a femdom call. You might get yelled or laughed at or told that you can’t cum until the turn of the next century, but you won’t risk serious injury making a femdom call.

These are just a few of the reasons why femdom calls are better than face to face meetings with Mistresses. If you would like to experience a femdom call for yourself and learn the correct way to worship a sexy Mistress, we have a variety of ladies right here! Afterall, we are only as far away as your phone.

American Femdom Phone Sex Mistresses Currently Available