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Femdom Worship

Let's face it; women's bodies were made to be worshiped. They are curvaceous and symmetrical and create a highly erotic silhouette. Their bodies are sexy by nature and they know it. Not only do they know it, they use it to their advantage.

Think about it. A sexy woman walks by wearing a short, body-hugging skirt and blouse, with bare, tan legs, and stiletto heels. What happens? You look. You get excited. You want to touch, to taste, to feel. She knows you are going to react that way; that you can't help it. She knows all she needs to do is to motion for you and you'll be at her side quicker than she can say cock tease princess.

She Knows She Deserves to be Worshiped

She knows you find her body irresistable, that you'd like nothing more than to worship her gorgeous body right now from her pretty little toes to the tip of her head. She knows you find it difficult to resist a bare-legged woman in stilettos, that you want nothing more than to have her slip off those shoes and place her feet in your lap for you to massage.

She knows you are thinking about how wonderful it would be if you could just suckle up against those breasts, trace the aereola with first your finger, then your tongue. She knows you are dreaming about burying your head between her legs and performing oral servitude for hours on end. She knows she could snap her fingers right now and tell you to lie down so she can sit on your face and queen you; and you would willingly do so, loving every minute of it.

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She knows she deserves to be worshipped and you are proving her point. Look at you; all she did was walk by and smile at you and for the last 10 minutes, you've been staring at her like you havent eaten in a week and she's a full roast beef spread!

She Controls You and Your Cock

What's the matter with you? I'll tell you what's the matter. You know women are naturally superior, that they deserve to be worshiped, both because of their physical erotic appeal and because of their brains, self-confidence, and ability to turn you into putty in a matter of minutes.

She's controlling you and your cock already and she's never spoken a word to you. She knows she's doing it too. It's her nature. She's a Femdom Mistress well versed in the art of cock teasing and cock control. She knew every reaction you would have the minute she walked by. She knows exactly what you are thinking now. She's manipulating you into her little body worship slave.

The best part is that, like pretty much all men, you don't even realize you are being manipulated. You are so busy thinking today is your lucky day that a gorgeous woman not only gave you the time of day but she's willing to allow you to worship her amazing body, that you can't see the forrest for the trees. You are totally oblivous to the fact that she's playing on your love of the female body and your desire to worship the body of a Femdom Goddess.

She's going to toy with you and have you entertain her by making you strip naked and masturbate in front of her while she laughs at how easily controlled you are. While she laughs that you actually thought she'd let you touch any part of her body with any part of yours. You are right, after all. Women's bodies do deserved to be worshiped. But you have to earn the right to worship them first. Better pick up your jaw, quit staring, and get busy before you lose your chance!

American Femdom Phone Sex Mistresses Currently Available