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Female Domination and Femdom Stories and Essays

What is BDSM? You’ve heard the term again and again. BDSM, does it mean something specific or just some letters to represent domination? It seems like lots of people have different answers to this, but I want you to know exactly what it is that BDSM entails, because I promise you it is much more than being locked in a dungeon with a bitch in black leather using a whip on you. *giggle* Though it can be that, too! Lets start with what it stands for and go from there. BDSM is one of those interesting acronyms that is blended to mean more than one thing. Read more about BDSM and what it is.
Why Femdom Calls are the Best Choice Femdom calls are better than meeting a femdom in reality for several reasons. Some people will argue this, but I believe it to be true. While having a Mistress standing there in front of you may have its advantages, there are also many positive things to making a femdom call.Read more about why Femdom calls are the best choice.
Femdom worship: Let's face it; women's bodies were made to be worshiped. They are curvaceous and symmetrical and create a highly erotic silhouette. Their bodies are sexy by nature and they know it. Not only do they know it, they use it to their advantage. Read more about Femdom worship.
Why I Enjoy Domination Phone Sex: I recently got married after being a bachelor years and was asked by my wife why I enjoy calling for domination phone sex, so here I am, trying to explain it. I think there is an illusion that only guys who are losers and can't get real dates or can't sustain a real relationship call phone sex lines. I'm sure there are those who do, but I've talked to a lot of guys over the years, and in my experience, the guys who call for phone sex are from all walks of life. Read more about why I enjoy domination phone sex.
Properly Addressing your FemDom: So you have finally achieved your dream of having a mistress. A real Mistress! You have gone through all the correct channels and found someone to instruct you, guide you, control that unruly cock for you and sometimes, quite literally, whip your ass into shape for you. But now that you have her, how do you address this Mistress who controls your every thought and movement? Learn all about it in How to Properly Address your FemDom.
Fantasy FemDom vs. Lifestyle FemDom: Domination comes in many forms and can be something you engage in as part of your extensive fantasy life or something that you choose to use your real day to day life to explore. Either way your needs and wants are valid and important both to you and to us. Read more about it in Fantasy FemDom versus Lifestyle FemDom.
I Love My Mistress: I have a Mistress and I love her. She is strict and makes me do things that I would never do on my own. She makes me feel like I’m closer to who I want to be. I found her several years ago and I wouldn’t even consider going back to my old lifestyle. Continue reading I Love My Mistress.
Why Women are Superior: I’m going to tell you the top four ways Women are Superior to men and this way, when you are in doubt, you can just look at the list and remind yourself that we are truly in charge. Read all about them in Why Women are Superior.
Can a Strict Mistress be Sensual? So, can a strict Mistress be sensual? Of course! Mistresses are ever changing and developing new ways to convince you that anything she wants you to do was really your idea all along. A strict Mistress may alternate between light and hard smacks with the paddle or simply talk softly and gently to you while insisting you get down on your knees and beg her forgiveness. Read more about it in Can a Strict Mistress be Sensual?

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What is a Service Submissive? What is the Difference between a Submissive and a Regular Submissive? Technically, a service submissive is a type of submissive. You don't have to be in the BDSM lifestyle to be classified as a submissive. Many men and women are submissive by nature whether they practice the BDSM lifestyle or not. A service submissive can be the husband who enjoys taking care of all the chores around the house so his wife can have more free time to go shopping or hang out with her friends. He may be the boyfriend who enjoys bathing his princess, giving her foot massages, and anything else she enjoys that will make her feel pampered. Read more about the service submissive.
The Secret Submissive: I'm the CEO of a Fortune 500 Company. I'm a classic Type A personality; always making decisions, always on the go- a real alpha male. To some, I am a classic male chauvinist; to others, I am just an all around asshole. Outwardly, that is my stance. Inwardly, I am a secret submissive. Read more about the secret submissive.
What is a Safe Word? Stop. No. I don’t want to! Help! Those are all words that in daily life are considered cause for alarm. Not so in the world of dominance and submission. Read more about it in What is a Safe Word?

Do FemDoms Switch? Ask any FemDom and she will tell you that switching means giving over her power to her submissive partner and allowing them to dominate her. She will agree to be a submissive partner entirely, throughout the scene. Read more about it in Do FemDoms Ever Switch?
My American Domme: She told me that she would be there, but I wouldn’t see her unless I pleased her enough to show herself to me. My Mistress has been talking to me on the phone for a long time and after a brief meeting when I flew to Los Angeles she has become my addiction. Having this amazingly beautiful woman control me is a dream come true. She is from America, not one of the proper British Mistresses who I’d been with before. They had all done things in a very controlled way, but this woman , My American Domme rocked my world. Read more about My American Domme.
What Does a Strict Mistress Do? When you’re looking for a Mistress it can seem nearly impossible to choose the perfect one for you! After all they are all so beautiful and fun, they can chat about all different types of things and are endlessly creative. So how do you decide? It’s not like you can simply choose and hope it works out. This is one of those times you want to know that you are making the right decision and when you meet a Mistress who says she is strict, you need to know what that means so you can decide if a Strict Mistress is for you.
What is a Sensual Mistress Like? Sensual Mistresses are less likely to be harsh and demanding in the traditional way a FemDom is thought of being. They speak softly and are very sexy, hence the labeling as a sensual Mistress. This doesn’t mean that they won’t expect the same level of obedience as a strict Mistress, but they do have a very different way of getting you to do anything and everything they instruct you to do. if a Sensual Mistress is for you.
Why Women are Superior: While this seems like a foregone conclusion to me, there seem to still be some men out there who aren’t sure about whether or not women are truly superior to them. Continue reading why Women are superior.
Fantasy vs Lifestyle Femdom: Domination comes in many forms and can be something you engage in as part of your extensive fantasy life or something that you choose to use your real day to day life to explore. Continue reading why Fantasy vs Livestyle Femdom.

American Femdom Phone Sex Mistresses Currently Available