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I Love My Mistress

I have a Mistress and I love her. She is strict and makes me do things that I would never do on my own. She makes me feel like I’m closer to who I want to be. I found her several years ago and I wouldn’t even consider going back to my old lifestyle. I spent years trying to find a girlfriend that would help me and control me. I’ve lost a lot of women because of the things I needed. But then I found the BDSM community. I became involved with them online long before I actually met anyone in person.

But finally I did meet my online friends in person and one of them is now my Mistress. I am in the process of setting up my life so that I can live with her, but that takes time. I have a job that I need to keep and family that doesn’t need to know about my lifestyle choices. But in every waking moment that isn’t spent working or dealing with my family is spent pleasing my Mistress.

Every Available Moment

I use all my vacation time every year to go on her “retreats” as she calls them. This is where my real life is lived. She has them almost every weekend and for several weeks in the summer. She has a cabin where she meets with her slaves. When we arrive she has assignments for all of us to complete. There are six of us and we all have different specialties. One of us is her favorite chair while someone else worships her feet and is her body slave. I am her butler and sometimes her footstool. I bring her drinks and food. I feed her and hold her drinks for her if she requires that of me. I once held an empty margarita glass for three hours before she realized that there wasn’t any more of the mixture in the glass and told me to go get her another one. I love feeding her food. It always makes me feel like I’m so important because I’m giving her the food that keeps her alive. I love that I do that for her.

I also love being her footstool. I’m able to be on my hands and knees in that position for a long time, so she really likes when I can do that for her. I take yoga and work on my core and my strength just so I’ll have the endurance to do the tasks she demands of me.

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Demanding and Strict

My Mistress is demanding and strict. She does not allow any of her slaves to complain about or refuse an order for any reason. If by chance someone does refuse, her punishments are swift and severe. I once saw a slave drop a vase that was one of her favorites in a fit of anger. She just stared at him for a moment then calm walked over to him and slapped his face with all her might. Then she made him stand in the middle of the room. Now this may not seem like a harsh punishment, but she made him stand there for the entire retreat without sitting down. She let him eat and go to the bathroom for short periods, but mostly he just stood there until he couldn’t anymore. His leg muscles were trembling and cramping. She finally let him walk to his car at the end of the retreat and told him not to come back. He was not going to be her slave anymore.

Thankfully, nothing like that has ever happened to me. I am a good and obedient slave who would do anything for his Mistress. Sure there have been things that I would rather not do. One evening on a retreat a year ago, she made all the slaves line up and take turns blowing this guy’s cock. He was one of her friends and he was there for that specific reason. I hated it but I also kind of liked it too. I did it without complaining, but I didn’t gush over liking it either, so maybe she won’t make me do it again….or maybe she will! I really love my Mistress. And I’ll tell you a secret; I think I’m her favorite! I try to let her know how much I love and worship her. I want to be her favorite. I wish I was her only slave, but I really don’t think that’s going to happen. But I can dream, right?

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