3.50 per minute with a 10 minute minimum / Must Be 18+ / Billing


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If you are new to the sub world, we will start with a little orgasm denial. Knowing your Mistress has the power to choose when you get to come is a liberating thing and you will soon be signing up for our more intense guided masturbation sessions.


Domination Services

Cock Control

Having your cock controlled is a wonderful thing. Your Mistress will tease and deny you until you are begging for it, then deny you some more. You will learn to submit to her like a proper slave. Our tease and denial phone sex training sessions will give you more than a taste for being submissive and make you want more and more.

Chastity Training

Interested in something more hardcore? Then take chastity training phone sex sessions with us here at Femdom Calls. We will put you through your paces, providing loving but firm training that is sensual and erotic. We offer both short and long term chastity training sessions so if you like your cock and balls to be locked up and in control of someone else, then this is the place for you.


Being humiliated can be embarrassing but powerfully erotic at the same time. Our Mistresses love to humiliate and one of our humiliation phone sex sessions will have you embarrassed, ashamed and horribly turned on. Our Femdom Mistresses do not hold back.

Slave Training

If you want to learn to be a good slave for your Mistress then you will have to do exactly as you are told. Try our slave phone sex session and discover exactly how hard it is to follow your Mistress's instructions to the letter. If you are interested in becoming a domestic slave, you will be put through your paces regarding how to serve your Mistress best.

Perhaps you have a foot and boot fetish? You will be cleaning your Mistress's boots with your tongue over and over until she is satisfied.

Our fetish phone sex sessions at FemdomCalls are unique. Only here will you find Mistress who are not just hard and demanding but loving and sensual. We look at dominance and submission from an erotic perspective and believe in training your mind as well as your cock. Our submissive phone sex sessions are designed to arouse, enchant and entice. We take you to your limits and push them even further.