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My American Domme

Heathrow Airport seems to always be busy, there isn’t a moment that we aren’t rushing between people carrying bags, waiting for family… So many different voice and accents echoing in my ears, this place is much like JFK or LAX a hub to the international traveling community. So many people with different lives, doing in so many different directions.

She Loves To Play

She told me that she would be there, but I wouldn’t see her unless I pleased her enough to show herself to me. My Mistress has been talking to me on the phone for a long time and after a brief meeting when I flew to Los Angeles she has become my addiction. Having this amazingly beautiful woman control me is a dream come true. She is from America, not one of the proper British Mistresses who I’d been with before. They had all done things in a very controlled way, but this woman , My American Domme seemed to have new and sometimes incredibly frightening ideas and no tolerance for my hesitation.

Watching the crowd my phone rang once and I answered, knowing before she spoke that her soft voice would be the one drifting into my ear. She’d already told me that this would be something special and if I did a very good job I could earn this visit from her. She was calling from her cell phone so I had no way to know where she was and assumed that she could see me, as she giggled chatting about the heat and the crowded airport. She went on talking to me about her dress, how the soft white material was almost gauzy and she hoped no one could see thru it. This had me picturing her body, tan and firm and naked the last time I saw her.

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Her Body Gets Me So Excited

She’d invited me to her house by the beach, answering the door (after making me find it from the airport based on very little info, a game she promised would be worth it and was) in her tiny black bikini. She’s laughed and congratulated me on being wonderful at following directions, then walked away, while I followed her into the house. She had toyed with me for hours, almost slipping from her bikini top, having me put oil on her back and legs and stomach, before instructing me to remove my clothing. Once I was naked, she stood in front of me and took off her bikini, teasing me while instructing me to stroke faster and faster.

I could feel my cock leap now as she spoke, her voice reminding me of how exciting it was to think of another night with her. She had now put a picture in my mind of her naked body and I couldn’t focus on anything else. When she told me to find a bathroom and lock myself in the stall, I did it without hesitation, weaving through the throngs of people, my heart beating faster. Then she told me she wanted me to wank off for her. Not a phrase she normally used but one she knew I loved.

Stroking and Edging Games Equal Denial

No sooner had I gotten in the bathroom and locked myself in for some privacy, than she started telling me to stroke, while letting me know that if I came I wouldn’t see her at all. Her giggle was driving me crazy with need and I was thankful to have found a fairly empty spot. She was verbally contemplating locking me in chastity again, something we’d done for a two week period that almost made me crazy, she loved to lock me up and told me that if I won her games, like when I found her house, I‘d get to cum but if I lost I was getting locked up again. That was when she told me that if I could find her, I could win the game today and I should think of something exciting, something that would make her happy before I came and found her and then hung up.

I knew what she wanted, but the only way to get the cock lock on was to cum and make my hard member deflate. Weighing the possibilities of getting in trouble for release I decided to wait, bringing myself back from the edge and leaving the bathroom. I wandered through the crowded terminal again, eyes scanning the people, until I saw her. Moving quickly I pushed through the bodies, cock getting harder just thinking of touching her, smelling her and as I was about to put my hand on her shoulder the phone rang, I looked and saw it was from her house number in LA. Thinking something must be wrong and wanting to make her happy that I was so caring about her life there, I hit answer as the woman in front of me turned around, glaring at me.

My sexy American Domme’s voice drifted from the phone again, as the woman who was not her walked away. “Did you enjoy our game?” she asked, laughing and telling me she had company and we’d play again soon, as my cock went limp with thoughts of a ruined orgasm and she said before hanging up, “Now you can put it on.”

American Femdom Phone Sex Mistresses Currently Available