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Properly Addressing Your FemDom

So you have finally achieved your dream of having a mistress. And no, I don’t mean a mistress in the sense that she’s someone you sneak around with behind your significant other’s back. No, I mean a real Mistress! You have gone through all the correct channels and found someone to instruct you, guide you, control that unruly cock for you and sometimes, quite literally, whip your ass into shape for you. But now that you have her, how do you address this Mistress who controls your every thought and movement? Pay attention and I will enlighten you.

Pay Attention Like A Good Boy

First let’s talk about proper communication in general. You must always listen with rapt attention to every word that falls from your Mistress‘s beautiful lips. It is important because she has taken time out of her very busy day to direct or instruct you, so do not make her repeat herself. This way you, lesser mortal that you are, will learn to anticipate her every mood and whim. By listening closely, you will hear the way she wishes to be addressed.

Remember tone is important. The old saying that goes “It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it” is true. If you are speaking to your mistress, you must speak in a respectful way. She will probably not be happy with anything you say if you come off as a smartass in the process. Also, consider the consequences of being disrespectful to your Mistress. Would you really want her to use that 10 inch strap on she has or that thick wooden paddle hanging behind her bedroom door? No? Then always mind your manners around her. Different Mistresses require different behavior from those they instruct and control. Yours may wish to be worshiped with a certain set of gestures, such as never turning your back to her, or never making direct eye contact with her. Whatever she asks of you, you must always make sure your behavior is correct and subservient. If she wishes you to worship her ass or her feet or any other part of her beautiful body, then you must comply with her wishes and serve her with enthusiasm. You must always be ready to do whatever it takes to ensure her happiness.

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Always Make Her Happy

Ensuring her happiness is very important, especially if she allows to you appear at parties with her. You are to wear proper attire, including a collar with leash and cuffs as well as any other requirements your Mistress might ask of you. You are to be a good slave and speak only when spoken to and you are to do as you are told under every circumstance.

Accept you assignments with grace, even if it is something you don’t want to do. Remember that your Mistress has chosen to help you and guide you, and she knows what’s best for you. If she tells you to wear harness with a cock ring, waste no time getting naked, and make sure to listen to her instructions while you put it on. If she brings a guy with a huge, hard cock for you to suck, you are expected to get on your knees and service him. Another example of this is if she decides that you must put on panties and prance around in heels, her wish is your command. Keep in mind that you exist only to please your Mistress at that moment.

A Sign of Respect For Your Mistress

Finally we come to properly addressing your Mistress. Understand that she probably has her preferences on what and how she would like to be called. But here are some good titles to start out with: Mistress, Goddess, Princess, Your Highness, Enchantrix and Empress. I would suggest the use of Mistress and or Princess for your first interaction with her. What she wishes to be called is her choice, not yours. If she demands that you call her “Oh Princess on High!” then it is your duty as a good slave to refer to her in this way at every opportunity. No whining that it is hard or that you forget too easily. Acting this way could give her no choice but to have to correct your behavior with a ball gag.

If you follow this simple guidelines and always be respectful, you should have no problem pleasing your Mistress. Always know your place, and try to anticipate her deepest desires. These are just a few simple rules that make you a much better slave. Now get your ass out there and start worshiping her!

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