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What is a Sensual Mistress?

This is something that many of you wonder about; trying to figure out how to know just what kind of phone sex mistress to choose. Any Mistress is a dominant female, a woman in control of men and their cocks and sometimes even other women. She is a FemDom who is strong and can make anyone do anything she wishes. Does she give you orders and expect them followed or you end up locked up! The thought of a woman being in control of you like that might scare you to the point of wanting to get as far away as possible. She might order you to do something you don’t want to do and you don’t know how to handle that!

But what if you could meet a woman who was confident in herself and knows not only what she wants, but what she wants you to do. That is very exciting. You imagine her strutting into the bedroom in sexy lingerie and platform stilettos, one of those women who knows she looks good and doesn’t need you to tell her she does. Maybe she doesn’t need you at all, she has a dildo after all, but she will still seduce you. Now that sounds perfect to you, even if she decides to turn the dildo on you…This is a Sensual Mistress.

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She Still Expects Results

Sensual Mistresses are less likely to be harsh and demanding in the traditional way a FemDom is thought of being. They speak softly and are very sexy, hence the labeling as a sensual Mistress. This doesn’t mean that they won’t expect the same level of obedience as a strict Mistress, but they do have a very different way of getting you to do anything and everything they instruct you to do. So, while they aren’t going to break out the whip, by the time she is done with you, you may decide the whip would have been so much easier. *giggle*

Choosing to be with a Sensual Mistress is really a choice that should be made not based on your need to not get in trouble with a strict Mistress, but rather as something that is her style truly appealing to you. Many mistresses are happy to tell you a bit about their style and often when they say “sensual” this gives the impression that they are less likely to be controlling.

We Never Give Up Control

In all honesty, all mistresses are controlling, whether they are strict or sensual it is just a different style of female domination, a different way to move you in the direction they want you to do in. Sensual Mistresses are more likely to discuss it with you and then gently guide you in that direction, mentally controlling you until you are certain this was all your idea. Seducing you into doing what she likes is something we women have done forever. In fact, it’s almost second nature to those of us who are controlling dominant women.

Being a Sensual Mistress, doesn’t make you a pushover. It doesn’t mean just because your Mistress is sensual that she won’t control you completely, but it does mean that if you are concerned about trying female domination or if you know that whips and strict control aren’t for you, there is another option. A Mistress is many things and can control you in many ways. This is the beauty of having a Dominant Female partner, there are more choices of style and personality and more surprises.

This Seduction is Not A Choice it’s a Demand

Don’t mistake seduction for a choice. A sensual Mistress giving you an order is no less serious than a mistress you may deem more hardcore, instead you need to realize that not following along with her gentle way of telling you to do what she likes will only lead to you being left wanting in the end. She’s not going to whip you, but she may smile and leave with another man, or just have sex with him in front of you. Or maybe even convince you that what you really want is not to watch but to join in, after all cuckolding is a form of being dominated in a sensual way. In fact, there are many forms of domination that are sensual, things like tease and denial. A Sensual Mistress will slowly peel off her clothing, revealing more and more, teasing you and then leaving you begging for more. And you will be begging….Then you are under her control completely

American Femdom Phone Sex Mistresses Currently Available