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Do you have a dirty little secret? I figured as much. You are naughty little lad, who needs some discipline, don't you? You need the hand of a strong Mistress to get you under control. Perhaps you've been wanking too much and you need someone to rein in that little head of yours. Well, you have come to the right place.

I know that you are a kinky boy with kinky fetishes and ideas. You just need someone to help you explore this very devilish part of yourself. Perhaps you know what you want a Mistress to do to you, or maybe, you are one of those newbies who needs to find out just how erotic submitting to a woman can be.

I have been a phone sex Mistress for over four years, and I have loved every minute of it! I want to know what makes you tick. As I am fond of saying, if you give me the keys, I'll drive. I am typically sensual, but I have been known to be absolutely diabolical. Depending on your demeanor, you may bring out one side of Mistress Courtney, or the other. The question is, which side will it be? You are probably not getting your kinky needs met real-time, otherwise, why would you be reading these words, right? You have dark fantasies and you simply must explore them. The snag is that there isn't anyone in your day- to- day life that you would dare speak with about these matters. No, you are private person and you need a private confidant, that's me. I not only want to know what your kinks are, sometimes, I will explore how you acquired such tastes in the first place. I know you think about submitting to a strong, beautiful, intelligent, creative woman. You can stop looking, you have found her.