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Some say I am kind and loving; others say harsh and cruel. I am maternal and dominant, warm yet unforgiving. I am Mistress Ryan and you are here to serve me.

You do want to serve. The need for submission is strong and one that cannot be denied, no matter how hard you repress it. You are here on my site because you wish to pay deference to me. Perhaps you are at the beginning of your submissive journey; a little wary, unsure of what happens next. I will guide and mold you into a true submissive, unleashing those powerful feelings within.

If you are familiar with the BDSM world, I can provide continued guidance as you strive to be the best sub possible. I do not tolerate mistakes and will punish when needed. Yet, I am a sensual Mistress, one that is mature and respectful of her sub's desires. As a lifestyle dominatrix, I recognize the need for both a mind and body connection. I am not here to use you and lose you. Instead I am interested in building a relationship with you as you venture towards the deliciousness of subspace. Your service to me will be respected and rewarded as our connection continues to grow.

Come take a journey with me my sweet, and you will never regret it.