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Hello, my dears. I am Mistress Vivian, and I'm here to lead you down the path about which you have been so curious for so very long.

You see, I understand the desires that you have because I have dealt with many, many men just like yourself in my years as a lifestyle Mistress. I have taken little wankers like you under my wing and guided them down the path of iniquity more times than I can count. So you may be assured that your mature Mistress's years in the BDSM lifestyle have not been squandered uselessly away.

I'm going to use my experience and, of course, my natural dominance to bend you to my will. You will fall under the spell of your Femdom Mistress, and you will love every minute of it.

I'll have you begging me to take control of your cock within minutes, but that's only the beginning. I'll mold you into the submissive that I want you to be.

Make no mistake, darling. I am quite exacting and demanding. I have a particular way that I wish for my submissives to perform, and I rarely tolerate any deviations. But on the other hand, you will have the satisfaction of knowing your BDSM Trainer has trained you to perfection.

Why not go ahead and give in to your desires? Your Femdom phone sex Goddess is waiting to turn you into a good, obedient little pet. I can't imagine a better place for you than cuffed, collared, and leashed at the feet of your Mistress.