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I know you have a secret that you don't share with others in your life. This is a place in your psyche and your sexual self that may be sheltered from view but that doesn't make it any less real to you. It is there, part of you, part of who you need to be.

You might have explored Femdom or experienced a Mistress. You might have had the inexplicable sensations of submission powerfully triggered accidentally. But, whatever the source, you understood immediately your personal truth in the power of erotic control by the right Woman.

Now that you have found it and know this about yourself, what do you do? When that ache, that need, bubbles to the surface, where do you play? Where is it safe to say what you need and want? Where do you speak about your deepest desires?

I know you search. It is your need that brought you here. Sometimes you can take care of that need by enjoying the search. Sometimes you need more personal attention. Your need, that desire, has escaped the restraints of your life, hasn't it? And, of course, you are now in the midst of yearning for that which you desire.

That is why you're here. Excited and aroused. This might be a tender feeling right now, but you know it will become an urgent longing. That craving in your heart and mind shows in your body.

Welcome! I have been waiting for you. Yearning in My own way, for you.

I know what you need. I am the experienced Mistress. I intuit what you are searching for. I ask the right questions to find out your deepest desires. I am the one person who touches you in that place that you keep locked away. And I do touch you. I know this because you also touch Me. In the theater of the mind, we meet and dance our erotic steps in the wordplay of desire.

I understand your desire because it is also My own. I am the mirror image of your need - My will, your desire.