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Toll Free Number: 0-800-014-8421

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I'm Sophia, your new Femdom Mistress, here to teach you how to properly serve your Femdom.

First and foremost, you should know everything is all about *Me*. What *I* want. What *I* need. *My* pleasure. You will learn that the way you receive pleasure is through pleasing me. You can tell me what you enjoy and how you enjoy serving a Mistress, but whether or not I let you do those things depends on how well you earn them. Serving a Mistress is not a right. It is a privilege that must be earned.

How can you earn that privilege? By pleasing me. Entertaining me. Obeying me.

I am easily pleased. All you have to do is obey me. There, two out of three are already taken care of! As far as entertaining me? There are a lot of ways you can do that, as I am easily amused when it comes to what submissive men will do in an effort to please their Mistress- especially if it means the difference of whether or not he gets to cum.

And the begging? Oh how I love to hear you beg! I love to hear the desperation in your voice as it gets closer and closer to the time for me to make that final decision. How you get so desperate you promise to do anything-absolutely anything- if I'd just let you cum! Really? ANYthing? ~wicked laughter~

I love teasing you right up until that final moment, keep you on edge not knowing whether or not you'll get that release. Will you get that release today? Call me and find out!