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Hello. How are you? Now that we have gotten done with the preliminary niceties, let me ask you this... why are you here? You must know, deep down inside, what drove you here to me today. So, tell me.

Spit it out. I want to know. I have my opinion, but I want you to tell me. I want to hear it in your words. Tell me what made you dive into this realm, said the spider to the fly. Is it the web I have cast in my blogs about female superiority, or was it the desire that got the best of you and you made a decision?

Good boy. Welcome to my lair, my boudoir, my sexual haven. This is where we will get to know each other, and you will get to know yourself. I would say, you were on a pretty distinct path now, wouldn't you?

Yes, yes you are. I am not here to correct or challenge your decision. No, I am here to be obeyed, worshiped, and adored. That is what you do to a woman like me, especially from a "man" like you.

I will be here as a woman you need. I know you will come to know me, and follow through with my instructions, assignments and tasks. We will have a great understanding of the Mistress/submissive relationship and you will serve me well.

With that said, be prepared for a transformation and extensive training. I will be happy to coach you into the submissive you were born to be. Imagine that!