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Enter My wicked circle of Hell and feel the blissful heat of My essence consume you submissive boy. You look into My brown eyes while on your knees and see a glint of red sparkle from behind them. It makes you feel a bit nervous being in My dungeon and feeling so intimately vulnerable. You wonder for a moment what you have gotten yourself into and whether this was in fact a smart idea to be here all alone.

Of course no one knows where you are right now because you would not dare to tell anyone that you were going to see a Fem Dom. That knowledge in of itself is enough to excite Me. So here you are on your knees for Me, your hands restrained while you feel completely helpless and all alone. You wonder what I am going to do to your body and feeling My hot breath on the back of your neck is enough to drive you completely mad with lust and fear.

What are your limitations you hear Me say? You stutter because you are not sure of what the question means. You feel My black leather boot pull your legs apart and push your head down to the thick carpet. "What I mean by that is: Do you like men? Are you a secret cocksucker? Have you ever had or dream of anal penetration through a strap on? Do you crave worshiping a strong woman? What are your limitations?"

You start to cry softly because you no longer know. That is how I know that I have truly broken you and you are completely My slave. Are you ready to become My slave sweetheart? We can start out slow and work within your given limitations until you are ready to give your heart, mind and soul to Me. I will take you to the heart of My creative wicked demonic mind, but I can't tell you that I will release you once I begin. :)