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It is time to drop the pretense. I know you want me to control you completely. Your body, your mind, and certainly your willy. You are so tired of having to make all the decisions and having so many people looking to you for answers. I will pick up the reins and take that control from you.

Perhaps you think that control will only last for the duration of our call. Believe me when I say that you will not be able to get me out of your thoughts. My feminine, sensual voice ... the ease with which I take control of you ... the things I have you do ... the compelling blend of innocence and intelligence you see in my gaze.

Your need to submit is strong. My desire to dominate you is even stronger. This is about far more than the stereotypical woman in leather spanking the naughty slave. It may include that, but our journey together will go beyond mere positions and actions. It is my intention to take hold of you mind, body, and soul. I will draw you deeper into my web with each session.

I offer you a real Mistress/submissive relationship; in every sense. Do not be afraid. As my submissive, I will cherish and respect you. As your Mistress, you will respect, worship and obey me. And as our relationship deepens, you will become the submissive you have dreamed of being.

Let us begin!