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What is your fascination with Femdom? I think I know! Deep inside you, a visceral need to submit. At times, you can push it down, but most of the time it finds its way into your mind throughout the day.

Oh if only people could see what you are thinking! Shameful or sexy? You may be ashamed of your submissive tendencies, but I can help you to feel so sexy about them.

And you find it hard not to look; to search out Femdom everywhere you can, right? Maybe you have searched Femdom porn or read stories, but you are ready for the next step; the step that allows you to truly experience a Femdom Mistress.

You need to let those submisive and oh so sexy parts of yourself come out and be seen! Those parts of you are who you are sexually, and you will honor them with Mistress.

It is time to surrender and to give up control to a Femdom Mistress. Let Mistress control, mold, and train you. That power exchange is an erotic need you have. And with that power exchange, you will give up control to your Mistress and feel the freedom to finally explore your deepest, darkest submissive desires.

That is exactly why you need me, Ms. Delia. It is ok. Give in to me. The new and exciting experiences you will have will be beyond your expectations. Go ahead. Take the plunge! Surrender to me, and let me unlock the Femdom World for you.