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Demanding? Yes, I am. Strict? Yep, I'm that, too. Sadist? Perhaps. Princess? Absolutely.

I don't know about you, but that sounds like an auspicious beginning to me, *LOL*! And fortunate you are to find me. I'm your new dream and possibly your new nightmare. Sound intriguing? Well, read on, slave boy!

When you become mine, I'm going to subject you to things you never even thought of before. Extreme tease and denial. Spanking. LOTS of spanking. As in, your ass is going to be so red that you'll barely recognize it if you can figure out how to look at it in a mirror!

Oh, speaking of the color red, it's one of my favorites. I like it just as much as a color for my toenail polish when you give me pedicures (which you will) as I do for the color of your face when I humiliate you in front of all my friends! CFNM is a particular favorite. If you don't know what it means, boys, I suggest you look it up before you go any farther. ;)

That's not all you'll be subjected to, but a Princess doesn't give away all her secrets immediately.

So, yeah, life with me won't be easy. But you'll know you're being used well as a submissive toy for me. And when you please me, you'll get the kind of reward that you can't find in most places. Believe me, I pay my good boys back for their obedience and deference to me.