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Yes Mistress. No Mistress. Please Mistress, more. Can't wait to hear you say that in your accent. Can't wait to hear you beg and plead for my tricks and treats. I have many. I am an experienced domina who can be both strict and sensual.

If you need firm, dominant control I am qualified to whip a weasely, wimpy mass into shape. I can take the control you long to relinquish. It must be exhausting to play the strong one day after day. Come to me and reveal those weaknesses that live within you. Submit to me, my pet.

If it is sensual domination you seek, I can reveal my softer side and release your inner freak. I'll leave you longing for my touch. Don't be shy about telling me your secrets, whatever they may be. They are the portal to your inner desires. Let's ride them to your ecstasy. It will be a spectacular journey like none you've ever imagined.