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On your knees. Bend down and kiss the tops of my boots. That is where you have always belonged isn't it; at the feet of a dominant woman. You have always known that there are women who can have you doing anything they desire; all they need to do is to command it. You've fantasized for so long about FemDoms. Do they truly exist? Are they only a fantasy?

I am one of those women. I am a FemDom, the one of your dreams. What things can I have you doing for me slave? I can have you at my feet, begging for my attentions as I ignore you. I can have you submitting to my every whim. You will be licking and cleaning my boots and before you realize what's happening, you will be underneath me. Pleasuring me. Worshiping me.

My voice will penetrate your mind; bending your confidence and opening doors of submission. You will address me as Mistress at all times and will find that your only desire is to please me with your obedience. I am so much stronger than you; in mind, body, and soul and I will rule you with ease. There is no choice but to submit to me; it is what you have always dreamed of.

If you're tired of pretending. If you're tired of fantasizing. If you want to experience the real thing. Don't wait any longer. I command you to call. Do it now.