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What do you see when you look at me? Perhaps I appear sweet to you yet very much in control. My manner of dress suggests a woman who is wild at heart and quite impassioned. Or maybe you see my darker side in the world behind my eyes. You might think me cruel, cold, and calculating. In any case, you are right. The beauty of being a femdom goddess is that I am all things to all people, especially you.

I love that initial moment when we hear one another for the very first time. My voice is rich, dark, and sensuous. Your voice is a bit unsure but eager to open and explore all of our possibilities together. Have no fear for I will guide you along the erotic path you wish to travel.

Do you desire pain? I can dish it out in states both mental and physical. I can humiliate you and break you down to your most basic level. Or we can even discuss your desire to be locked down, forever beholden to your dark queen in the bonds of male chastity.

You want to be my slave do you? This body was made to be worshipped and you are just lowly enough to accomplish the task. I'm sure you will enjoy the feel of my spiky stiletto heels pressed into your back as you beg and plead in between licks and slurps. Oh yes, my pet, I have much more in store for you. Our journey is just beginning.