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The day you realized you needed to lose control was the day you truly started living. It was also the day you knew your life would be much better serving an Empress. Sure, you put up a good fight in the public eye but the facade is thinly veiled. You look fantastic on paper but the past is, shall we say, less than spotless? No one would ever suspect the truth.

On the surface, you appear to have everything; the perfect wife, excellent job and a membership in the local golf resort. Your wife caters to your every whim and unexpected requirements, as though she exist solely to worship your feet. And it drives you crazy because she obviously doesn't understand what you want!

A quick look in the bookshelves of your office reveals the truth. Every "How-To" book on displaying influence, power and intelligence. Row after row of self help guides and manuals in how to "succeed" and still, you can't get rid of that need. The urge to confess how you truly feel and want to be treated. Oh sure, you've searched for the right words; even tried acting on some of your more lurid desires to try and invoke your wife's petty wrath. Other women, porn surfing on the computer and even the occasional "accidental" discovery of your "not-so-secret" journal ... all of it used to try and get her to understand how truly happy she could be if only she would treat you like the pathetic filth you know you really are.

Finally, you gave up; you settled and sighed in discontent. But little did you know, your little submissive homemaker met me! I heard her story about you, and I understood her strife of all the wrongs you have committed to women, the all superior being. I took her under my wing; I groomed her and saw the transformation. I breathed new life into her, I taught her everything she needed to know on how to exactly treat and control her man.

She now understands that like all men, you are to be treated as a spineless jellyfish she knew you were all along. Now, your number one priority is her total satisfaction. The roles have now officially reversed in 'her' household and you nervously adore it. You are to obey, and serve and submit. When you hear the sound of her whip crack you will pinch yourself trying to wake up from this perfect dream that teeters on a nightmare. But you can't, her giant strapped on cock won't let you forget your now normal everyday reality.