3.50 per minute with a 10 minute minimum / Must Be 18+ / Billing

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Toll Free Number: 0-800-014-8421

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Whether highly experienced or a new candidate to my stable of slaves it is through the interview process that we can mold a plan of action in your servitude to me.

The exposure of your predilections will form the beginning of this erotic journey into the very nature of your devotion to me. It's my job to unmask and expose the true nature of your subservience.

For some that unmasking takes the form of a highly focused and devotional attunement to my feet or other Goddess parts. For others the training is in the ecstasy of pain. A flick of the switch, the pressure of a spreader or the expansive size of a new butt plug. The various methods and tools are too numerous to list. Then there are those who serve as my sissy maids or house boys. They lead a life of servicing me and/or my exclusive friends and clientele. Cum catchers, cuckolds and latrine attendants all have their place as well in the world of my various demands and needs.

SO, as you can see your predilection, your kink is all highly personal. Even in the same category no two slaves are ever alike. Some need a rather sensual approach while others a fierce and commanding directive. A few a bit of both. I am a no holds barred Mistress as long your erotic needs are legal. I offer highly customized sessions and the utmost discretion unless part of the training is your fantasy of being exposed.