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I was born to be a Femdom Goddess

Being in SUPREME control, taking charge of a man and his life direction, as ordained by me has led many of my submissives into utter transcendence, self-discovery, and total bliss.

I offer A Full Spectrum Domination Experience, informed and perfected by real life Domination and Femdom Practice.

From erotic, gentle nurturing Domination, intermediate, Maternal Inspired Femdom, or very strict. I love working with new or experienced submissives.

We can discuss together, all the terms of submission you wish to explore, and the possibilities are ENDLESS.

Do you need a nurturing mistress? Giving you guidance and taking gentle control of your life, so you can have structure and purpose?

Do you crave a maternal mistress, who teaches you how to be the best Sissy you can be?

Do you need a mistress who will regiment your sex life, impose cock control, chastity play, and make sure to keep your sexual addiction in line?

Or perhaps you need a strict, cruel, unforgiving mistress? One that humiliates you for your own good, makes sure you know your place?

Do you crave a Goddess to worship and adore, giving her all that you are, basking in Her Glory? I am very experienced in all forms of worship.

All of those and more, are included and are specialties of mine. My Full Spectrum Domination Sessions give you many avenues to explore.

Sometimes you do need a Mistress to Not only Dominate you, but rather guide you into a realm you were afraid or unable to explore by yourself. A guide to forbidden pleasures, where you can push some boundaries and challenge yourself under the supervision and guidance of an experienced mistress such as myself.

I've spent four years as a lifestyle mistress in a very exclusive erotica club so I've conducted MANY a domination sessions in person. Trust that I can handle any avenue of your submissive exploration journey.

Most importantly, you can escape the mundane burden of everyday life! Submit to me - Exhilaration and Excitement Galore!

I am a strong, smart intuitive Mistress, that can lead you, direct you, dominate you and give you purpose, guidance and structure. Let us create a new environment, one that can make you feel safe, secure, away from the world's burdens and complexities.

Whether you are brand new to the world of Domination, or an experienced submissive, The Alina Sky Domination Experience, will leave you intrigued, invigorated, mystified and satisfied.

My vast experience as a Lifestyle Mistress to the Rich and famous, afforded me a uniquely well rounded understanding of what it is to TRULY own a submissive.

Working with Men, Women and Couples in their Femdom Journey has enhanced and deepened my full understanding and love of being the Best Femdom Mistress I can be, and will now benefit you greatly in your submission experience.

If you are a beginner to the world of enticing and exciting Femdom, Fear Not.

I will ease you into this, because I know, that if I do this right (Oh, and I WILL do this JUST RIGHT), bit by bit, through my specialized techniques, perfected over years of careful studying and observation, practice and extensive exploration of the Domination world, I will welcome you in, and then, TOTALLY OWN YOU.

It will feel like a dream within a dream, one from which you will never wish to wake. When I am done with you, be assured, you shall return to your life, energized, revitalized, galvanized by my teachings and reborn with new passions.

Nothing is as erotic as to know that you belong to a Goddess and THAT is what will quench your thirst for TRUE adventures, Tantalizing Delights, and Deeply Satisfying release you have been craving all your life.

Are you an intermediate or experienced Submissive in your Femdom Journey? Fantastic. We can delve into sessions, see what your experiences were, eliminate any bad habits you might have encountered or accumulated, and set you on a new path.

Together we shall gloriously explore all of your femdom needs and what I see for your future. Trust that I can handle every submissive need you are aware of, and MANY of those secret cravings, hiding deep within your soul. I shall bring them forth into the light, and you will lay bare at my feet.

In order to fully explore your Femdom Journey with me, and be a true part of the Alina Sky Femdom Experience, you must give yourself to me completely, in a pace that fits your need and my vision.

The more open and honest you are, as your trust in me grows, we can develop our relationship in varying ways, to enhance your life in avenues you've never thought possible.

The Alina Sky Femdom Experience is a Path Of Enlightenment as well, for many of my submissives.

Here are some of what we Can Explore In Your Femdome Sessions with me.

~Comprehensive Femdom Immersion
~Femdom Supremacy and How Total Submission Can Enhance Your life
~Tease and Denial, Cock Control
~Strap-on Training
~Full Spectrum Feminization
~Goddess Worship
~Be My Throne, Using you as human furniture/throne
~ Full spectrum Cuckolding
~Body Worship (Including face sitting and smothering)
~Footdome, Foot worship, shoe and foot fetish
~Strap On Training, Dildo Training
~ Discipline, physical and otherwise. (Full Spectrum Spanking)
~Cock and Ball restraints and Punishments/Discipline
~Masturbation conditioning, Orgasms withholdings
~ Bandage, Restrains, Collars
~ Sissification, Cross Dressing
~CFNM (Clothed Female Naked Male)
~ Slave Training and Coerced Bi
~ Humiliation, sensual to extreme
~ Chastity Training
~ Edging, Tease and Denial.
~Tantric Masturbation Instructions, Cum Eating Instructions
~Tantric Teachings, to enhance your sexual capabilities and please your Femdom Goddess Better

And any combination of the above can be practiced as well.

I am Goddess Alina Sky,

Welcome to the Alina Sky Femdome Experience.