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What Does A Strict Mistress Do?

When you’re looking for a Phone Sex Mistress it can seem nearly impossible to choose the perfect one for you! After all they are all so beautiful and fun, they can chat about all different types of things and are endlessly creative. So how do you decide? It’s not like you can simply choose and hope it works out. This is one of those times you want to know that you are making the right decision and when you meet a Mistress who says she is strict, you need to know what that means so you can decide it a Strict Mistress is for you.

Speaks Softly but She Might Have a Big Strap On

So, first of all, let me tell you that a strict Mistress is not necessarily someone who will yell and scream at you. Yes, some Mistresses yell, but a true hardcore (another word for strict) mistress doesn’t have to even raise her voice. She will, however, not allow you to get away with anything. The essence of being strict does not mean loud, or large and strong. A strict Mistress does not have to wear leather and carry a whip and threaten you with a huge strap on dildo, though she might! *giggle*

Just because she isn’t yelling and screaming in your face like a drill sergeant, doesn’t mean she can’t be very cruel. Her voice is normally more harsh than a more sensual Mistress would be when speaking to you about your fantasy. She is very likely to insist you refer to her as Mistress at all times and begin your session by laying down some ground rules that you will abide by. You can expect a strict Mistress to be open to discussion but also clear on what she will and will not allow you to get away with when in her presence.

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Always In Control of You

A strict Mistress will be in control. She is a FemDom who may not have a whip in her hand, but you will know by her words and gestures that she is the one deciding how the session will progress from the first moment. This doesn’t mean that she will be mean to you when discussing your session but it does mean that once you step into her area of control you can know just what to expect. What’s that? Whatever she decides to do with you of course! You don’t have the illusion or the actuality of control when you choose a Strict Mistress. Not only will you not be in control of your cock or anything else, but she isn’t likely to even allow you the luxury of imagining yourself in control.

No Excuses

When you meet a strict a Mistress, be prepared to do as she asks without hesitation or excuses. If you are someone who needs direction, who needs to be told when to do things, or how, given assignments that you are expected to carry out, then a strict Mistress is a good choice for you. She will not listen to your excuses for not doing what she asked. If you come to her with anything less than having done exactly what she requested of you then you will be sorry. After all, this is a strict Mistress who will not hesitate to punish you for making excuses instead of making things happen.

She is beautiful and intelligent and will use her dangerously creative mind to find many things for you to do and try, but don’t expect to get much opportunity to tell her no, not once you’ve put yourself under her control. Strict Mistresses are well versed in hardcore domination and do not deal kindly with those who fail to carry out their wishes. She doesn’t have to after all, she can just move on to someone who will do as she instructs, so be prepared to follow directions.

Knowing what you are getting into is important when choosing a Mistress. When you are reading about a Mistress or meeting her for the first time, knowing your boundaries and how far you are interested in pushing them or having them pushed is something that is essential. If you find that you are, in fact, looking for some true hardcore domination, a strict Mistress is the one for you. She knows what she doing with many types of fetishes from dungeon play, strap on and chastity to tease, denial and cuckolding and she will keep you in line with her voice, her intelligence and if necessary, maybe even her toys!

American Femdom Phone Sex Mistresses Currently Available