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The Secret Submissive

I'm the CEO of a Fortune 500 Company. I'm a classic Type A personality; always making decisions, always on the go- a real alpha male. To some, I am a classic male chauvinist; to others, I am just an all around asshole. I make decisions every day that affect thousands of people with barely a concern as to how those decisions may impact their lives. It's the cost of doing business that some people will lose jobs, that others will be expected to do more work in a shorter amount of time for less money. They are business decisions and should be viewed as such.

Outwardly, that is my stance. Truth is, I'm a powerful executive by day and a submissive slave by night! Inwardly, it kills me that I cannot save people's jobs, that I cannot give them less responsibility and more money. I believe they all work hard and deserve to make a good, honest living. I don't want to have to disrupt their lives with layoffs and pay cuts, especially knowing that for some, it's the end of the road. That they'll never find another job in their field and will either have to reinvent themselves or take an early retirement.

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I used to have ulcers. I used to eat Rolaids like they were candy and Mylanta, well, let's just say I should have bought stock in the company for as much of it as I went through. All of that has changed now, though. Since I discovered Dominance and Submission, I no longer have ulcers or need antacids and other medication. In fact, my blood pressure is lower, my disposition is better, and I actually get more work done in less time than ever before.

A Submissive's Journey back to Good Health

You are probably wondering how I am able to accomplish more in less time and how my health has improved so drastically. The only answer I can give you is that I discovered the D/s lifestyle and being a submissive. You see, in my everyday life, I have no choice but to be the asshole I don't want to be. I have to make those difficult decisions I know will disrupt lives and cause turmoil and grief. Knowing I have no choice doesn't make it any easier, though.

No matter how much I tell myself it's the cost of doing business and try to keep it on a business level, on a human level, it sickens me. Participating in D/s play as a submissive helps me resolve those feelings. I relinquish total control to my Femdom Mistress and she uses me for her own purposes, whether that be for her entertainment, for her pleasure, or any other purpose as she sees fit. I cannot tell you how good it feels to show up at the play space and slip into my secret submissive self. To not have to make decisions for a couple of hours several times a week, is heavenly. It's my sanity. I reach a level of subspace and a euphoria I never thought possible before I discovered the world of Dominance and Submission.

This freedom, this euphoric release experienced several times a week takes the load of the world off my shoulders. It is a healthy, creative outlet for my frustration, guilt, and pent up energy. By allowing myself this outlet, I am able to feel more relaxed than ever before. I realize my decisions impact others negatively at times, and to combat that, I've started a new health and wellness fund along with a job placement fund. The company automatically contributes 1% of every employee's salary to these funds and employees can voluntarily contribute more, if desired. These funds are then made available for employees who need wellness counseling and/or career counseling.

The world Dominance and Submission changed my life. Being a submissive helped me cope with my own issues so that I could also help others deal with their issues. People don't tend to think of me as an asshole or chauvinist anymore, so much as a caring and considerate boss.

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