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Why Women Are Superior to Men

While this seems like a foregone conclusion to me, there seem to still be some men out there who aren’t sure about whether or not women are truly superior to them. This might come from the old belief the Adam was created first and Eve was just a part of him, needing him to even be in existence, but we all know that was so long ago that it doesn’t even matter, because she was also the dominant one and convinced him to do all kinds of naughty things, making her superior.

Before you get yourself in trouble, thinking that men might in some small way be able to be superior to women, let me help you out. We wouldn’t want you to get punished (actually we would) just for being ignorant about the truth of our superiority. So, I’m going to tell you the top four ways Women are Superior to men and this way, when you are in doubt, you can just look at the list and remind yourself that we are truly in charge.

Number One and Number Two

First of all, there is the matter of our biology versus your biology. We live longer and are getting steadily hotter by the generation. We are evolving into an even sexier version of us (Can you imagine?) while men are staying the same. This coupled with the fact that we are around much longer means we are truly in control of things. What man isn’t swayed by a gorgeous woman? We know that and one day, through our super hot and sexy evolution we will all be massively hot. This will have you men right where we want you – Either in the palm of our hand or crushed under our high heels, either way we win. You can’t resist a sexy woman and we will be here longer so we have all the time we need to coach you into doing anything and everything we want.

Second, though really I could throw this in the biology category too, we have more self-control. Just like you can’t resist a sexy woman, you can’t seem to resist much of anything that you really really want. You get excited so easily that it’s hard for you to focus on what is really important. Well actually, you do focus on what is really important – Us! But when you are working, you are easily distracted by us, when it comes to keeping your hands off your dick, you lose all control. We are better at controlling your cock than you are, because you just let it do the thinking for you. This causes you all kinds of problems. Women can stop in the middle of anything and walk away. You moan and complain, cry about blue balls and that chastity cages are uncomfortable, when really we are just doing it for your own good. How will you ever catch up with us, if all you think about all day is your next orgasm? You won’t!

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The Final Two Very Important Ways

Third and not by any means less important because it’s number three is our ability to make money and control money. Do you know that the stock portfolios of women are by and large much bigger than those of men. We get laid off from jobs less and invest better. Making it so that eventually we will have all the money as well. The downside is that you still make more per hour than we do, at least on your paycheck, but since you are using part of that to make us happy and buy us things while we are using ours to make us happy and buy us things, we in the end make more that way than you do too! See, how this works now? You spend all your time trying to get us, we are happy to already have us.

Lastly, we have strap on cocks, vibrators and water proof dildos. We don’t need you. If we want to get off we have toys and one another, you like to pretend you aren’t interested in each other and we don’t mind holding hands and making out with our friends. This is the ultimate in superiority. And the reason you will always do as we say in the end. You want to have sex with us! We are fine with having sex with one another or alone with our toys, you are fun, but also needy. Now, next time you think you are superior to us, come read this and remember who is really in control.

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